chit chat yakety yak

Chit-chat yakety-yak,
blah-de-blah this ‘n’ that.
Ooh-ah, yah-de-dah,
jibber jabber har-de-har.

Shut. Up! Serious? Truly?
Hoolie doolie, you totes rulie.

Shucks, thanks. No more ubermich.
Tell me, what makes you so swish?

Me? Ooh, where do I begin?
I anthropomorphise everything.
I dig gardening (and I love puns).
There’s more to say, yep, there’s tonnes.

No, not quite a tonne, I jest.
I think my friends say it best.
I asked them all to tell me straight,
and this is what they said: Mate…

Your laugh is so infectious,
you’re beautiful and sensuous.
You’re resilient – a striver –
a breast cancer survivor.

Your anger’s a sensation:
Terrier V Alsatian!
Considerate, honest and kind.
Short in stature. Big behind.

Good with crowds; you unite folk.
You can tell and take a joke.
You knit, create and crochet.
Member SA CWA.

A jesterish zest for life.
A keen sense of what is right.
Twinkle of mischief in y’r eyes.
Love to delight and surprise.

You’re passionate and creative,
enthusiastic and adaptive.
Careers; you’ve had a few.
Teamwork is your workplace glue.

Word-watcher and brain picker.
Homebody. City slicker.
Jensen, Apple, Sia Furler,
Chanel No. 5 and New Order.

Surely I could say no more!
I don’t want to be a bore.
Yes, that’s it, it’s time to stop.
I could talk your ear right off!

You sound chatty and so sweet,
but there’r others I must meet.
I feel a bit peckish, too,
and where can I find the loo?

Sure, our paths will cross again;
I’m not sure where, how or when.
Look, there’s Sally, Bob and Hugh –
farewell, so long, ciaoadieu!

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