Vary hairy

Having been through chemo twice, I think it’s best to embrace bald and put your personality front and centre.

One of chemotherapy’s most well known side effects is hair loss, but the extent and randomness of the loss is not so well known as it differs from person to person.

We form a clique for whom random depilation is the new norm.


All hail baldness, because there is a proliferation of perks for those with a burnished bean. Although, it’s not always so clean-cut (pardon the pun) with chemo. Your hair might thin a little and fluff, the way baby hair radiates atop the fontanelle, stopping short of a dramatic scalp reveal. Or, you could lose it all and find yourself getting to know your cranium’s nooks and crannies.

I found the experience to be more perk-full:

  • No greys
  • Baldness is badass
  • Baldness is budget friendly (no haircuts or tress tackle)

Ciao brow

Losing your eyebrows can be fun… if you play poker.

Forget about your eyes being the windows to your soul, they might as well be frosted. Eyebrows help you to show emotion, so throw away the tweezers, find your inner Italian and express yourself – si?

Vary HairyLashless

Again, different chemo drugs affect everyone differently. Like the hair on your head, eyelashes can thin or fall out completely, but they can also look a little psycho – think postimpressionism.

The money you save on hair products will be channelled to perk up your peepers.

Near-bare down there

Bid goodbye to your lady garden and say hello to the new gardener. He has a comb-over and he’s not Italian. Unlike Ciao Brow, you will want to wax so the carpet matches the curtains.

Image an amalgam of photos courtesy of Vyacheslav Blizniuk and artemisphoto at

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