Design is no one’s bitch

We must sell this widget quick:
fetch the graphic designer!
A brand concept so damned shmick…
we crave nothing less than stellar!

Tell me, who is your target,
and the problem you must solve?
Your USP and budget?
Share your strategy and goals.

Here’s some copy and photos,
and the company Style Guide.
Do your thing; make it pretty.
You’re the expert. You decide.

Yes, that’s why you’re inviting
a designer to convey
the character and distinction
target customers will praise.

So, I need much more ammo
to support your business plan.
Brand is more than a logo,
it’s the women ‘hind the man.

Just cast a designer spell.
Make people want to buy it.
Do that thing you do so well,
or I’ll crack a hissy fit!

Don’t be melodramatic.
Design is no conundrum.
There’s no need for fancy tricks,
ploys, falsehoods or deception.

Graphic designers create
visual concepts that tell,
rouse, stir and captivate.
There’s no trickery or spells.

If it’s superficial crap
that you want to bring to light,
you should know I don’t do pap.
I just want to do what’s right.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to
be demanding or impolite.
The product is fresh and new
and the deadlines are so tight.

I’m really feeling the stress
as we near production.
There’s the bosses to impress;
such weighty expectation!

This project is of value
so I will not compromise
my caliber or virtue.
It’s the best work you should prize.

Remember, I’m on your side.
My work is important, too.
So, no more Jekyll and Hyde,
or pointless hullabaloo.

We’ll work hard in unison,
with courtesy and, I insist,
you are under no illusion
that design will be your bitch.

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