The theory of time for writers

If you don’t grab your idea and consummate it with a whole lotta writing, you’re destined to spend eternity falling in and out of love.

It’s impossible to give birth to a book if you’re spending all of your time shagging ideas.

When you have a great idea for a story, the whole damned thing appears apparently unabridged in a flash of inspiration. From there you’ve gotta tease out the idea that, as it turns out is a holey whole, into anywhere between 50-100,000 words over a period of weeks, months, maybe light years.

My problem is that I’m a procrastinator from way back. It’s much easier to give into the shiny, instant, noisy and bizarre when you’re faced with a huge timeline or, dammit, success. So, you see, I don’t have a problem with the bright ‘n’ shiny new ideas, I have a problem with committing to potential failure and perfectionism.

ccyy_theorytimeBlack Hole vs White Hole

But, I’m all out of excuses. I’m so far out of excuses that I could very well have moved into the creative equivalent of a white hole, the theoretical time reversal of a black hole.

A black hole sucks things in – like falling in love with ideas and watching them slip away.  A white hole spits things out – like putting words on a page that become a book.

The distraction doesn’t have to be particularly shiny, either. It can quite easily be a pedestrian mix of family, work, illness, doing the laundry, walking Len the dog, social media, catching up with friends, gardening, mowing the lawn or cleaning the loo.

The Big Bang

Finally, I’ve become so annoyed with myself I could squeal! But, in space no one can hear you squeal **drum-drum-cymbal**, so what’s left to do?

Make time to write.

Having missed NaNoWriMo last year, I created JanNoWriMo so that, by February, I’d finally have the first draft of my novel. The crazy and fabulous unintended outcome of the process has been realising I don’t want to write that particular novel – yet. I want to:

  • write the thing that set me on the novel-writing path in the first place (a short n non-fiction piece), and
  • illustrate the children’s picture book for which I was encouraged to seek publication (by a published writer and illustrator of children’s picture books) way back in 2007.

So, that’s what I’m doing. No more shagging ideas; I’m giving birth to a dream and watching my writing universe expand.

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