Design is no one’s bitch

We must sell this widget quick: fetch the graphic designer! A brand concept so damned shmick… we crave nothing less than stellar! Tell me, who is your target, and the problem you must solve? Your USP and budget? Share your strategy and goals. Here’s some copy and photos, and the company Style Guide. Do your thing; make it pretty. You’re the expert. You decide. Yes, that’s why you’re inviting … More Design is no one’s bitch

chit chat yakety yak

Chit-chat yakety-yak, blah-de-blah this ‘n’ that. Ooh-ah, yah-de-dah, jibber jabber har-de-har. Shut. Up! Serious? Truly? Hoolie doolie, you totes rulie. Shucks, thanks. No more ubermich. Tell me, what makes you so swish? Me? Ooh, where do I begin? I anthropomorphise everything. I dig gardening (and I love puns). There’s more to say, yep, there’s tonnes. No, … More chit chat yakety yak