The Mastocrastinator

I’m a daydreamer from way back. Actually, I don’t remember a day when I haven’t gone off with the fairies and come back with an idea, a problem solved, or a realisation made. My most memorable recollections of school for example, include seemingly inane snippets of school life – like the way grass never grew … More The Mastocrastinator

The hot truth

Everything around the fire has melted into the dark, and with eyes wide and staring I’m drawn into the flames and shimmering coals, which shift as fresh logs are pushed into the fire’s centre. Flames rage away from the base and unfurl beseechingly towards the stars and moon, held in place by the fuel and unable to escape. … More The hot truth

The count hunt

I’ve hit a road block, but I’m not blocked – I don’t have writer’s block, I have a process block. My process, that is my daily practice – my commitment to write 500 words a day – has tripped me up. I’m falling all over myself to write words, but I’m not painting a picture. Instead of losing … More The count hunt